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Why choose Vetted?

Vetted is here to be your support system, your cheerleader, and the on-call vet friend you wish you had. With 24/7 advice from a trusted Vet Pro, covered emergency care exams, and ongoing tailored education for you and your pet, we truly believe we’re the best resource out there for pet parents (beyond your twice yearly vet check-up of course!)

What exactly comes with a Vetted membership?

The Vetted membership has everything you need to be the best pet parent you can be! Become a Vetted Member today and say hello to:

  • 24/7 concierge team of Vet Pros, available via chat, for all your everyday (or urgent!) questions
  • Free emergency exams ($170-$200 per visit) at any Veterinary Emergency Group location with your VEG Digital Emergency Card (easily accessed in the app!)
  • Our easy to use mobile app filled with educational resources and tools including A-Z preventative care
  • Your pet’s digital health records all in one place plus reminders for check-ups and appointments
  • Full access to our Vetted Rewards—cash back, credit in our store, or Vetted merch
  • Savings with our partners: pharmacy, behavioral training, and discounts at preventative health companies (supplements etc.)  

Is this like pet insurance?

No. Traditional pet insurance is reactive and Vetted is proactive. In other words, insurance (sometimes) reactively covers treatment for the unexpected: like when there is an accident or injury. We are designed in a way that gives your pet the best chance at preventing those accidents and illnesses from occurring. Vetted’s approach is to try to get ahead of the curve rather than wait until your pet’s health is compromised.  

I have another question, how can I reach you?

We’d love to connect with you! There’s three simple ways to get in touch!

  • Use the chat feature on the website!
  • Text or call us at (281) 417-5945
  • Head to our contact page and fill out the form

Chat soon! With love, Vetted

Billing & Pricing

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Your information will be saved inside of your Vetted account for all subscriptions.